Forza Horizon 5

Welcome to the sOOtie Live Forza Horizon 5 page. Here you can find links to all the sOOtie Live Forza Horizon 5 resource pages ranging from events and tunes through to league tables and hot lap records. Remember to visit the Connect page to make sure you stay up to date.

Key Resources

We use a number of tracks for the tuning shows. The first is the Tune Tester which is based on the Festival Plus circuit. This track is used for the group tune test which lasts for 10 minutes. There is a solo version of this track to help with peoples tuning setups.

The second track is a Sprint Race using the Sierra Verde Sprint event. It’s locked to Pro AI with fixed Season and Weather. This track is used to see how competitive the tunes are against the AI.

The third and fourth tracks are the Official Test Tracks by XRCosworth (Road) and Delphic (Dirt) that the NINJA uses for the Wall of Speed.

  • Solo: 720 169 921
  • PVP: 152 201 236
  • Sprint Race: 146 656 150
  • One Shot: 152 560 763
  • Official Road Test Track: 787 263 823
  • Official Dirt Test Track: 134 301 372

Forza Horizon 5 Pages

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