Forza Horizon 5 Baseline Tuner

Welcome to the sOOtie Live MARV Forza Horizon 5 Baseline Tuner. Here you can put in some basic information about your tune and it will generate some BASELINE fine tuning settings for your car. Use this simple calculator to create great beginner tunes that you can further fine tune to your own driving style and save for others to use.

At the moment this will ONLY work for AWD Road tunes, but if it’s successful it will be built out to accommodate other tune types too…


  • From the SETTINGS > HUD/GAMEPLAY menu, set UNITS to English and SPRING UNITS to Default
  • Tune Your Car in the Custom Upgrade Menu
  • From any Performance Enhancing Upgrade, press the Y Button or Key to Toggle the view
  • Enter the WEIGHT value in LBS in the WEIGHT field below
  • Enter the FRONT value in the FRONT % field below
  • Save the tune and go into TUNING SETTINGS
  • By using the sliders on the SPRINGS page, determine the min and max spring values and enter them in the MIN SPRING and MAX SPRING fields below
  • Click the TUNE ME UP button
  • Enter the values in the Fine Tuning menus where appropriate
  • Remember to adjust your gearbox, stretch out the line until you’ve got the right balance between 0-60 and Top Speed
  • Enjoy!

    Attribute Value

    Thank you to Daws for his patience helping me with the coding behind this!